How to make it easy for people to review your business on Google

Making easier

gmail account

The customer needs a Gmail account

Leaving a Google review can be a frustrating experience. Here are a few steps to make it easier for your customers.

The first assumption is that the customer has a Gmail or Google account.  Now they have to find where to review you on the internet. If someone doesn't know where to go, this can be frustrating. The rest of this page is dedicated to taking the work away from the customer, and making the review a one click experience.

how can I make it easy for my customers to provide feedback?

Make it simple, make it easy?

Method #1 - The hard way:  Ask your customer to find you on Google Maps and click on "write review". This assumes they will find you on Google Maps. This can be challenging for some, and difficult on a mobile device. 

let them find you on google maps

Method #2 - The easy way:
This method is much easier for your customer, you simply send them a link to click on, that opens up their default browser, with a box to enter their comments, and provide your business with a rating.

In order to send your customers a link, you will have to go find it first. The link you get is unique to your business. Follow these instructions:

create a link

a): Start by typing your business name in a Google search, not in Google Maps.
b): When you see your business details on the right side of the browser, (not the left) click on the "write a review" button.
c): Wait for the Google review window to pop up. 
d): Go to the address bar, highlight and copy the web address. This is your link, but unfortunately the link is long.
e): Follow these instructions from Google to shorten the link,  to make it more aesthetically pleasing in an email.
f): Compose an email to the customer, ask them to click on the link provided to rate your service. Then paste the link into the email.

Make sure you test the link by opening up another tab and pasting the address in the address bar. The Google review window should open.

Did a customer leave a negative Google review? Read these instructions on how to fix that.

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