Does SEO really work?

how much and how fast?

Doe SEO really work

SEO really works, but..

People email me everyday and ask me, does SEO really work?

The answer is yes, SEO really works. People are skeptical that SEO does not really work, because many of the SEO service provider's websites make incredulous promises, and come across like a fly by night outfit.

Finding an SEO provider that really works

How do I find a SEO provide, that really works for me?

It seems like SEO service providers, advertise all over the web. They are either too expensive or look like an inexperienced business, or worse, a shady business.

Think about searching for SEO service provider like you would a new car, take your time, and ask lots of questions.

Does SEO really work and can I persuade Google to rank my site better

I didn't think you could persuade Google to rank my site better

I have always thought that where my site ended up on a Google search results page was just something that I could not change, like my name in directory, it was in that order, and I couldn't change it.

When you enhance your website with better content, and a better user experience, Google will reward you, by putting your website closer to the top of the list.

SEO really work? is it fair

Is SEO cheating?

To some SEO (Search engine optimization) sounds like cheating the system or fooling, or cheating Google. It sounds like Google rewards those companies that can afford SEO.

Google cannot rank your website strictly on your best intentions, or your effort. Google is looking for a robust website that will educate and inform the rest of the world, not necessarily to promote your business. To build a website that Google smiles on, takes over 100 hours.

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