How to encourage customers to review your business on Google?

Customers need a reason to provide feedback!

five star google review

First find the customers that are both happy with your service, and willing to spend the time to review.

1st Step: Make a list of customers that you have serviced in the last three to six months.

2nd Step: Email those customers personally, with follow up, asking them if they are still happy with the work or product.

3rd Step: Filter out the customers that are not really happy.

4th Step: Return the list a few days later, and email the customers that were extremely happy.

5th Step: Now here comes the pitch. You have to come up with a compelling reason that they should spend five minutes providing a Google review.
a): It doesn't hurt to be honest and tell them that you are trying to grow your business online, and you would be indebted to them, if they would help, and leave positive feedback on Google.
b):The other road is to say that if the customer was pleased with your service, and left a positive review, you would be in a position to return the favour, in the form of a discount etc, on the next business transaction.

6th Step: Send the email, But make sure you include the link to your Google review page. Read these instructions if you don't know how to create a link to your Google review page.

7th Step: When you are notified that a customer has provided feedback on your Google account, send them a quick thank you email.

Did a customer provide negative feedback on Google about your business? You may be able to fix that.

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