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We are physically located in Oakville, Ontario at 481 North Service Road West Unit A2, L6M 2V6. 

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Local help, local accountability

Local SEO help in Oakville means local accountability.

When choosing a firm to work with, make sure they have a local presence around your business. We are an SEO company in Oakville.

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SEO Oavkille

Stop by the shop, we would love to sit down with you and chat.

It is important to hire someone that has proven results with SEO Oakville. Don't settle for a marketing firm that does it all.

we find keywords

What we do

We get you on the first page of Google.

We identify key phrases with you, that are key search phrases on Google. We then go to work on writing content for your website that will encourage Google to promote your website in search rankings.

seo oakville content

What is "content"

Content in terms of SEO means pages of meaningful legitimate text that we that add to your website.

Content could mean a simple one page description of your service, it could also be a DIY page on how to do it yourself.

content is important

Why is content important?

When you add content to your website you are demonstrating that you are trying to be helpful to the people browsing the web. Google promotes websites that are educational or helpful.

Content is the only means that Google has to decide how to rank you on a search. The meaningful your content is the more likely Google will rank you higher.

The content needs to naturally and real, no shortcuts, just a lot of time and effort.

the google brain knows

So how is Google able to figure this out?

Yes, Google is essentially a robot, but has been programmed to find and promote sites that have high quality content.

The content needs to naturally and real, no shortcuts. There is no science or magic about it, it just takes a lot of time and effort.

be patient with seo

Be patient

With SEO Oakville we focus on delivering realistic results.

Results can start within weeks, but usually months. Be patient. When searching for an SEO company in Oakville, as us for a free ranking report.

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