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Kevin McGinnity
KM Carpet Cleaning

Kevin from KM Carpet Cleaning

Kevin McGinnity from KM Carpet cleaning has been cleaning carpets for over twenty years. He has been advertising with Kijiji and the local newspaper off and on for the last five or six years, spending over two hundred to three hundred dollars per month, and booking very few new customers. Kevin had the Mississauga News develop a website, that got him no further than the fifteen page of a Google search. 

Just over a year ago we met with Kevin. We discussed the possibility of increasing his revenue. We said that if his business moved from the fifteenth page to the first page he would see more phone calls, and book more jobs.

When we asked Kevin why he didn't pursue the efforts to get his business closer to the first page of Google, Kevin said that he simply didn't think that it was possible, and that he thought that somehow, the website belonged on page fifteen. He didn't think he could change that.

Kevin said that every day there was always one open time slot that he wished he could fill with another job. Kevin agreed to a basic monthly payment plan, and for us to start work on creating a website that would push him onto the first page of Google.

Kevin had outlined what he wanted to say on his website. He wanted to keep it simple and basic, and nothing flashy. He wanted the website to portray that he was a hard working individual with the customer's interests at heart.

We created a very basic website for Kevin, and within one month KM Carpet Cleaning was found on the sixth page of Google, in the city of Oakville. After more work, and a few months later, Kevin was on the first page for the search phrase "Oakville carpet steam cleaner". Kevin is now booking three to four new customers per week, due to his new ranking on Google. 

Kevin had invested a total of $3,600 in our services, and he generate an additional $25,000 in revenue last year.

We still work on Kevin's website every month, and he is still climbing in the Google ranks for other key phrases, and we are working on getting him found on the first page in other cities too. Kevin has said that he would be happy to chat with anyone that is interested in working with us.

You can call Kevin at 416-606-5119

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