Dealing with a bad Google review

What can you do about it?

negative review

How did this happen? This is upsetting.

When a customer leaves a negative Google review about your company , it can leave you upset, and frustrated. You immediately worry about how much business it may cost you.  

Your first instinct maybe to try to take down the comment, as you search for “how to delete bad reviews on Google” remember that Google doesn’t take down reviews, unless they violate Google's review policies. Google’s policy is not to interfere, and keep the reviews genuine and unaltered. 

You may even consider creating a few gmail accounts, and giving yourself a few glowing reviews to counter the bad review.

The fact is, your business will get a few negative reviews over time.

How do Google reviews really impact my business?

turn a negative review into a positive review

Turn the negative into a positive

The best response is to take the high road, and respond, in the most polite fashion, respond online, and offer to chat with the reviewer personally, if they would take the time  call you.

Use the bad review to your advantage, and show the rest of the world, how eager you are to make your customers happy, and satisfied with your service.

A great response would be, “I am sorry that your experience was not the best that it could have been, we strive to provide the best service in our industry, we would love the opportunity to chat with you, to better understand your experience, and do all we can, to win you over as a happy customer.”

Google has a few recommendation regarding how to respond to negative Google reviews.

A good rule of thumb is not to defend or attack the reviewer, this will only make you look bad online. Take the opportunity to sell your customer service to other people reading the review. Respond in a way that will actually impress the reader.

Do not to respond the same day, cool off and respond tomorrow.

sun buggy google reviews

Real life example, how to get customers to leave a positive Google review.

I had an experience where I went dune buggy riding in the desert in Las Vegas. After the  ride, the owner said he would give us free T-shirts, with their name on it of course, if we reviewed their business on Google, right there in the store. He waited for us to complete the review, then he gave us the shirts.

He built his web popularity, he bolstered his Google ranking, and he gave us free shirts. This was a brilliant idea.

strategy for getting your customer to provide feedback

Come up with a strategy

Start focussing on encouraging your happy customers to review you on Google.

Getting your customers to review you on Google at the time of service is important. Think of how many times, the cashier at home depot asked you to go online, and fill out the survey. You agree, walk out, and forget about the survey.

Most customers will not fill out a Google review, on their own, without some sort of prompting. Filling out a review takes time, and navigating to the site to enter the review can be frustrating for some.

Follow these instructions to make it easy for your customer to review you on Google. If filling out a Google review is simple and easy for the customer they will be more likely to leave feedback.

Some customers need a little encouragement to provide a review.
Be creative, think of a ways to incentify your happy customers review you on Google.

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