Why am I not found on Google?

When I search for the service my business provides, I am not found on Google


Google does not return all results for a search.

When you search for the service your business provides, and you can't find your website, you will ask yourself, why am I not found on Google.

If your website is so weak that it doesn't compete for generic phrases, Google may not even show it. Typically Google only returns 20 to 30 pages in a given search.

pretty does not get you found on google

A pretty website doesn't mean it will be found.

Google doesn't care how your website looks. There are lots of websites built in 1980, and still rank on the first page.

A good looking website, only means that the user will spend a little longer interacting with your site, once they find your website, but they have to find it first. There are lots of beautiful websites, that no one will see, if they are not optimized to be found. A pretty website that is not ranked in the first few pages of Google, will have you saying, why am I not found on Google?

patience and professional gets you found on google

Be patient, contact a professional.

It may take a month before your website starts to show up on Google, especially if it is a new domain.

Connect with a SEO expert (Search Engine Optimization Expert) to make your search indexable by Google, to get found closer to the first page of Google.

there are no guarantees with search engines

There are no guarantees.

If you are going to do the SEO yourself, you will probably push the site closer to the third or fourth page of Google. Your question will not be, why am I not found on Google, but why am I only on the 3rd or 4th page?

If a professional does the SEO, expect the first or second page of Google for most phrases. The shorter the searched phrase, the harder it is to get to the front.

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